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More zucchini picking positions available soon!

More fruit picking positions will be available from 17th January!

And other positions will become available in the beginning of February when additional blocks become ready for harvest.

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Some frequently asked questions:

  • Can I camp onsite? Yes, camping facilities are available on site. You will need to provide your own tent or campervan.
  • What about food and water? Access to bore water is available but you will need to provide your own food and drinking water. The nearest town is 14km away which has many shops, restaurants, hotels etc for supplies.
  • Do I need my own transport? Yes, you must have your own transport as the farm is 14kms from Young and there is no public transport from the town to the farm.
  • How hard is the work? Fruit picking is hard work with frequent bending so you need to be hard-working and reasonably fit.
  • How much can I earn per day? We pay per bucket. The more you pick the more we pay you! You can potentially earn $60 to $120 per day. However, it will take at least a week of experience and practise to start making in excess of $60/day.
  • When do I get paid? We pay you at the end of every week.
  • Does this job qualify me for a 2nd Year Working Holiday Australian VISA Yes, fruit picking with us qualifies you for a 2nd Year Working Holiday Australian VISA as we are situated in a regional area.
  • Do I have to pay for onsite camping? Yes, there is a small weekly fee if you wish to camp on site for use of power/water/shower/facilities etc. This will be depend on your requirements
  • What are the hours of work? Work commences at approximately 7.00am each morning Monday to Sunday or as the weather permits. Hand harvest usually concludes at 1.00pm to 2.00 pm as the weather is usually too hot for harvest after this time. Picking may resume in the late afternoon depending on the weather.
  • Where is the farm located? We are located in Maimuru which is about 14km from Young.
  • Is it ok if I am a tourist or backpacker? YES! Tourists and backpackers are welcome!
  • What is the period of employment? This depends on your VISA conditions. Because it takes practice and dedication to become a proficient picker, we prefer long-term employment (3 months +) with a minimum of 6 weeks for good workers!
  • How can I apply for a position? Please visit our website for regular updates or fill in the subscription form on the bottom of this page to be advised when new positions become available. You can also fill in the Employment application form and submit your interest, and you will be contacted by the manager by email or phone when positions become available.

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